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About:This site

This website gives a glimpse into my professional and personal activity’s. You will find code samples i wrote at some time to help others or simply to document it for later personal use. I post them here in the hope that they may be use full to someone else at some point too. If it saves you a few hours going through API documentation or add-ridden aggregation sites it has served it’s purpose. I am currently full time busy designing and implementing software for both the customer facing as well as the backend parts of a complete enterprise solution which makes an extremely challenging passtime :). As such, i am currently not actively looking for projects.


I’m nicknamed dePoPo, under which name i’ve been hanging around on the net since the days CompuServe was big. A 40 something years old techie that rode the wave of upcoming computer technology initiated with my first Sinclair ZX81 through nowadays obscure systems such as the Mattel Aquarius and the TI99/4A along the Commodore and Amiga era into PC land. I learned a great deal from these childhood systems. Having an education in electronics design i have worked many aspects of the computer industry such as repair, system administration, network design on to running a small computer network troubleshooting and servicing firm. At present day, i’m a full time software systems designer and coder.


noordam.IT was formed directly after the period of 1991-2007 in which i was full-time working on building Salvage BV as a system administration and ISP company. When the Salvage endeavour ended i moved on to full-time software development. NHCoding has been my (small) personal company used to support several Salvage BV customers after that era until present day, and to pick up the occasional interesting or particular challenging project. Although currently running on a very low profile, NHCoding is still a small scale software architecture and production company taking on custom projects based on the .NET platform. All projects are written in C# and are delivered including functional and API documentation.