Month: May 2020

Add Class not available in template list

Problem: The option to add a class to visual studio is present in the menu, but the add class template is missing from the list. Cause: This is caused by an incompatibility between Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6.X and Dev Express control suite version 20.1.3 Resolution: Upgrade Dev express control suites to version 20.1.4, or stay on Visual Studio 2019 16.5 if you are bound to the earlier version. A hot fix has been made […]

Webmin on debian with let’s encrypt

What do we want to archive Installation of webmin on debian, and adding a certbot SSL certifcate Requirements Debian, certbot How do we get there First step is the installation of webmin, which is perfectly described on the official page. At the current time and version, this amounts to the following steps, asuming a clean system: This will get the standard webmin installation running on port 10000 in SSL mode on your server. Open firewall […]

UFW Firewall cheat-sheet

What do we want to archive Install and activate the Uncomplicated firewall (UFW) and list some basic commands for adding and removing rules Requirements Debian, Ubuntu, etc How do we get there Installation: Default rules The following defaults will allow all outgoing traffic, and block all incoming traffic, which will make for a nice set of defaults to start out secure: Doing this remote ? then you just might want to allow ssh before enabling […]

Add usr/sbin to path for a local user

What do we want to archieve Add /usr/sbin to the path of the local user Requirements Debian 10, Bash shell How do we get there The directories /sbin, /usr/sbin and /usr/local/sbin are not in a normal user’s path because they contain executables for system maintenance that need administrative priveleges. These are normally only in root’s path, since you need to be root to run them. However, for sudo users it can be very helpfull to […]