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MVC – Return a file download from an MVC controller

#1, Return a byte[] as a download Use case; You have an in memory byte[] array containing something you want to offer as a a download. (For example an excel sheet) string fileName = “something.xls”; return File(result, System.Net.Mime.MediaTypeNames.Application.Octet, fileName); #2 Return a text file as a download Here we trick the browser to offering the […]

MVC and Linq2Sql – Getting your data in and out of the model

MVC supports a lot of ‘good practice’ such as dependency injection, unit testing and mocking. These things all have their place, but for some small ad-hoc coding all of that isnt’s needed. Additionaly, people crossing over to MVC get confornted in most books and documentation with a ton of good advice that at best obfuscates […]

MVC Webgrid basics – Simple grid with paging and sorting and selection

The Webgrid helper This series of documents outlines basic usage of the webgrid helper, and how to implement paging, sorting and selection comparable to the Webforms GridView control. You can download the final iteration of the solution file here: MVC-Sample-PagingSorting.zip Basic usage The controller class below retrieves the products table from the NorthWind demo database, […]

MVC File upload

The view part Our view defines a multipart form to enable us to post both files and other model/form fields. Once a file is uploaded the controller will set the ViewBag.UploadStatus to a confirmation message, causing the upload part to disappear and the confirmation to appear. The multipart declaration in the form is required to […]