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Sorting and selection with the streams API

The common question: How do i make a selection from an arraylist in a simple way. Answer: use the streams api that has been around since forever. Assume the very simple data class B And let’s put some very simple data in it: Selecting with an arraylist as target Or, using a generic List<> to keep your options more open: Let’s do some simple sorting on a property while at it And reversed for good […]

IntelliJ and Tomcat : Step by Step

You need the commercial (ultimate) version of IntelliJ for this step by step instruction, the community edition does not support this type of project.. I am using IntelliJ ultimate version 2019.2 for this instruction. First, preparations: Installing tomcat Extract the package to where you want to run the server, i will be using c:\work\tomcat You now should have a directory c:\work\tomcat\bin If you have your JAVA_HOME defined correctly and a jdk installed, simply run startup.bat […]

Extract windows 10 lock screen images to your desktop

This small toy extract all Windows 10 lockscreen images to a folder on your desktop, and adds a .jpg file extension for easy viewing. usage: Download the jar file at the end of this document to a folder of your choosing Execute from a command prompt with ‘java LockscreenExtract’ Your desktop now has a folder called ‘Extract’ with your images

Copy Eclipse workspace settings to another workspace

Eclipse saves it’s settings on a per-workspace basis. The majority of the settings which you will want to have to get started are found under the This means on some operating systems you could symlink a central copy of this folder to the .settings on each newly created workspace to auto-sync all settings across all workspaces. However, the obvious downside is that introducing problems into one workspace means introducing it ionto all others too. If […]