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So which program is using port xxxx on my server

Finding which program is using a specific port on a windows server is a 2 step process: First, we want to get the process id that registered the port, In my case, i had a process using port 8000 that appeared to be a webserver, but did not give away any further info. output: That will list you the port, with in the last column the process id that registered it. Lookup the process id […]

Creating a linux desktop with X410 and WSL

Note: This process is largely a rewrite from the official X410 app cookbook, for presevation and easy access. Requirements: Windows 10 with WSL installed Install Ubuntu (or any distro of your picking) from the Windows store Install the X410 APP from the windows store Install the X server, and disable any screensaving stuff: Create a batchfile for starting the desktop session in an easy way: Bare essentials, you are done now. To give your desktop […]

How can I verify that my local COM ports are redirected in an RDP session ?

A: Start a command window and type the following command at the prompt: change port /query The output will look something like this: AUX = \DosDevices\COM1 COM1 = \Device\RdpDrPort\;COM1:15\tsclient\COM1 COM2 = \Device\RdpDrPort\;COM2:15\tsclient\COM2 COM3 = \Device\RdpDrPort\;COM3:15\tsclient\COM3 LPT1 = \Device\RdpDrPort\;LPT1:15\tsclient\LPT1 PRN = \DosDevices\LPT1 From the above, you can see that COM1-3 and LPT1 are redirected. The number 15 is the session id, so that will change depending on the current session id. If they are not redirected, […]

Installing a web application from an msi installer fails on Vista / Windows 7 / Windows Server 2008

Starting the installer results in a near immediate message reading: “the installer was interrupted before this application could be installed. You need to restart the installer to try again.” Additionaly, the eventlog shows eventid 11708 with a short error message stating “installation failed” Resolution: You need to install the IIS6 Metabase compatibility component for the installation to work. The MSI installer requires the IIS6 metabase information to read the available websites and virtual directory’s on […]

Server 2012 – Change the type of a network location

By default the network location awareness service will attempt to classify your network, and you will not be able to change the location. To enable editing of the location(s) take the following steps: Start –> run –> MMC In the MMC console add the Group Policy Object editor for the local computer Open Computer configration, Windows Settings, Security Settings and select Network list manager policies on the right Side you will see options for Unidentified […]

Restore trust between server and workstation without leaving and rejoining the domain

If a workstation is restored from a backup you will likely run into a message like ‘the trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed’. The general advice will be leaving and rejoining the domain. However, there is a much safer method. You can start PowerShell as an administrator, and run the command below to regenerate the machine password that establishes the trust between the domain and the workstation. reset-computermachinepassword -server [dcservername] -credential […]

Windows 8.1 Network location changing

How a simple thing like changing a network connection between private and public has become a challenge of itsself. It’s saddening realy. Once you run into a mobile network you own and control and have no way left to change its location type through the gui because Windows determines some options should just not show for you – then young Jedi, it is time to use the good old command prompt of yore. Start an […]

Breaking the windows update reboot loop

Every now and then, especialy with new installations Windows server 2012 and 2012 R2 get stuck in a reboot loop. After initial installation a massive batch of patches is retrieved and installed. On reboot, a failure message is displayed and windows tries to undo the updates. After a lengthy period of time the server reboots, and the process repeats. Usualy if you leave this process alone, the server will come up after a few cycles […]

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