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TF30063 Error – You Are Not Authorized To Access Team Foundation Service Error

Working with multiple TFS servers is prone to problems with cached credentials when switching accounts, especially on laptop systems that suspend/resume across domain authentication. Clear the TFS cache by deleting all files to remove cached credentials, and force re-authentication.

Add Class not available in template list

Problem: The option to add a class to visual studio is present in the menu, but the add class template is missing from the list. Cause: This is caused by an incompatibility between Visual Studio 2019 version 16.6.X and Dev Express control suite version 20.1.3 Resolution: Upgrade Dev express control suites to version 20.1.4, or stay on Visual Studio 2019 16.5 if you are bound to the earlier version. A hot fix has been made […]

Re-activating the create unit test function in Visual Studio 2012

Visual studio 2010 had a quick rightclick context menu to create unit test which has disappeared in VS2012, to move to a more general approach that isnt directly tied in with the MS unit testing system. It is possible however to re-enable the menu function or use a keyboard shortcut. full writeup source: Your millage may very with the above methods. While bringing back the menu seems to work for most installs, some never […]

Code smells

Within classes Comments Putting comments inside your code risks obscuring the code, instead of making things more clear. Comment the class and the methods you expose. Keep comments out of the code itself. Only place the WHY in comments, never the WHAT. Long methods A shorter method is better readable, easier to understand en easier to debug. Keep methods short and clear. Split into multiple smaller methods if you can’t Long parameter lists The more […]