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HYPER-V Back Script, with optional suspend or stop of the virtual machine

With the help of the powershell applets for HYPER-V it has become quite easy to create a reliable backup of your virtual machines without the need for highly expensive backup tools. The script uses the standard export functionality build into HYPER-V, so you can restore one of these backup’s to the actual virtual machine including […]

Hyper-V 2008 Powershell Security Warnings

After setting the execution policy for windows powershell to unrestricted, you still are unable to run powershell scripts from a batch file or the command line without the following warning popping up: C:\MyScripts> Set-ExecutionPolicy unrestricted PS C:\MyScripts> ./somefile.ps1 Security Warning Run only scripts that you trust. While scripts from the Internet can be usefull they […]

Effective VHDX compacting with HYPER-V 2012 and networked storage

There are a lot of instructions out on the internet which lead you through some compacting routine, with varying success. This usually amounts to stopping the VM/VDI and running the disk edit function from the HYPER-V console. In many cases, and especially if you are using networked storage, you will find that most of the […]