Month: September 2020

Multiple submit buttons, and making a difference

Say we have some auto committing controls, like dropdownlist, and also a simple ‘next step’ button.How to detect a difference between the two submit events for the form ? The TYPE of the button determines it to be a form submission the NAME of the button can be used as a parameter in the controller the VALUE of the button can be used to detect the button from the controller

EF Framework core for ling2sql users

Linq2Sql had a few extremely practical tools such as sqlmetal enabling you to generate code form an existing database with a single command, replace a single file and be done with it. EF Core seems to align with the trends lately to make everything more cumbersome, but you can stil use a workflow much like it. Creating a data DLL 1) Create a new empty net core dll 2) Install nuget packages for EF Core: […]