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So which program is using port xxxx on my server

Finding which program is using a specific port on a windows server is a 2 step process: First, we want to get the process id that registered the port, In my case, i had a process using port 8000 that appeared to be a webserver, but did not give away any further info. output: That will list you the port, with in the last column the process id that registered it. Lookup the process id […]

Performance counter browser

A simple windows tool to browse performance counters on your local system In the first column, the list of categories is shown Upon selection, the second column will show the list of instance After which the third column will show the actual list of performance counters If you select an actual counter, the bottom right will show you a sample from the counter with a 1 second interval. Source and releases can be downloaded from github

Hafnium exchange server hack detection

Microsoft now actively publishes backdoors found for the Exchange server breach, see the security blog here You can download a csv file with the known filepaths, which are very easy first step to verify here Below is a very quick first response program to use that file, and scan if a known backdoor is present on your system. Compile and run it, and it will simply check each entry on the list on your system […]

TF30063 Error – You Are Not Authorized To Access Team Foundation Service Error

Working with multiple TFS servers is prone to problems with cached credentials when switching accounts, especially on laptop systems that suspend/resume across domain authentication. Clear the TFS cache by deleting all files to remove cached credentials, and force re-authentication.

Remove the outlook mobile spam from the desktop version

If you are fed up with your daily advertising banner in the desktop version of outlook pushing you to the mobile app version, here is the page detailing how to remove it. How to remove the Get and set up Outlook Mobile app on my phone option from Outlook OF COURSE you should not have to opt out of these kind of ads in your paid version, and OF COURSE it should be simple and […]

Solved: xrdp immediate disconnect after login

The default install on debian will have your system boot into graphical mode; Which will prevent XRDP from working correctly. (You will get an immediate disconnect after the login screen, without much to go on in the log files). Setting the system to boot into text mode solves this problem. Set the system to boot into text mode Next, the installation of xrdp is straightforward:

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