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Failed to update binding redirects […] Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

Scope: This seems to happen only on .NET framework 4.8 projects (YMMV) Problem: A combination of assembly loading results in different grant sets Workaround: Create a new DWORD registry value called LoaderOptimization as below: [ see also 1 ] [ see also 2 ]


Establish the main container either inline or as block (below as block). All the children will pop into the container. Next, we can establish the direction of the flex, going left,right, down or up Next, we establish what we want to do with wrapping. The default is all goes in a single line, but we […]

Performance counter browser

A simple windows tool to browse performance counters on your local system In the first column, the list of categories is shown Upon selection, the second column will show the list of instance After which the third column will show the actual list of performance counters If you select an actual counter, the bottom right will show you a sample from the counter with a 1 second interval. Source and releases can be downloaded from github

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