Month: October 2020

Using dd to secure wipe an entire disk

Linux has many small but extremely powerfull tools, and the disk duplicator dd is one of them. By copying from the system’s random data stream onmto a target disk, we can overwrite a disk front to end, partition data and all. Make very sure abot the target disk. If you don’t get that part right, you WILL destroy something else. Assuming the disk to wipe is the SECOND disk in your system (attached wiht usb […]

Enable mysql server on Debian 10

Debian 10 by default ships mariadb, here are the steps to add the official mysql repository to your system and enable the server. Download the MySql apt repository to your system, and install the package as root, or with sudo privileges. You can find the latest version at this location: https://dev.mysql.com/downloads/repo/apt/ At the time of writing, latest is 0.8.15-1, so now we can use wget to get that file into the system and install it […]