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Installing JQuery in Visual Studio step by step

All the knowledge is out there, but for people new to jQuery it can be a challenge to make a more or less clean integration in Visual Studio. The key components are the nuget package manager and the script manager component, which often are described separately. Keep in mind there are multiple methods to get a valid jQuery installation, this is just a method that is both easy to install and maintain, and more or […]

The absolute minimal jQuery reference

Selectors Used to find elements in your page to do some processing with $(“#menu”) // find the element with the id of menu $(“.someClass”) // find ALL elements with the class someClass $(“h1”) // find All <h1> elements $(“#menu li”) // find all <li> elements in the list with id “menu” Display the value of the textfield with the id email, and show it as an alert var content = $(“#email”).val(); alert(content); Triggers when the […]

Dropdown menu’s with ASP.NET and JQuery

This sample shows how to setup a basic JQuery popdown menu embedded in an webforms application, and how to position it correctly under your menu bar. As you will discover, no code behind at all is needed to make the basic functionality work, so no need for postbacks and displaying and hiding panels. The framework for displaying and hiding the menu is 100% html, css and jquery. The actual content in to show in […]

Creating a simple image animation with jquery

This sample animates an image from one position to another on the click of a button. JQuery is used to perform the animation. The idea is pretty simple. the animatesource div ands animatetarget div’s are placed on a page. The actual animation calculates the difference between the position of the tow div’s on the screen, and starts the JQuery animation from the target to the source. <%@ Page Language=”C#” AutoEventWireup=”true” CodeBehind=”Default.aspx.cs” Inherits=”JSAnimation.Default” %> <!DOCTYPE html> […]

Using icons on mobile devices for your website

You can get mobile devices to use a nice looking icon for your website when the link is placed on the home screen or a favorites page. The data is supplied through the mobile device in the form of a JSON file, containing information about the resolutions and devices you have made avaialble. The web app manifest is described here: and at the time of writing isnt finalized yet (tho it seems to be […]

Resizing a div to fill the entire browser screen height

Update: Nowadays this effect can be archieved with pure css3, this method is still a viable option because it is _very_ simple to implement, and compatible with almost any new and old browser. The Challenge You want a div to fill the entire screen, but grow larger if your content does not fit on the page. This way you archieve a guaranteed minimum height. While this may seem very simple at first glance, a simple […]